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Atlanta Most Expensive Southern City for Renters? Well, Sorta

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But at least ATL is weirdly cheaper than small cities like Portland and Providence, according to a recent analysis

While a study by apartment rental website Zumper indicates Atlanta is the country’s 16th most expensive city for renters, it’s weirdly cheaper than a lot of much smaller cities like Portland and Providence.

The website’s National Rent Report for July 2016, which is an analysis of the 100 largest cities in the country by population, also found that Atlanta has the most expensive rents of any Southern city (unless you consider Fort Lauderdale and Miami "the South").

Since May 2016, the price of one-bedroom units in Atlanta increased by 2.4 percent to a median of $1,300, and two bedrooms increased 3.1 percent for a $1,650 median, the study notes. (That would be small potatoes compared to the nightmarish 15-percent rent hikes we were hearing about a year ago, in one renter's case).

Researchers found the top five (most expensive) markets were as follows for one-bedroom rentals, which can make Atlanta seem like a relative bargain:

  1. San Francisco, with a median $3,510.
  2. New York, with a median of $3,190.
  3. San Jose, Ca., with a median of $2,280.
  4. Oakland, Ca., with a median of $2,270.
  5. Boston, with a median of $2,230.

Like lots of numbers? Read the full report here.