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Road Fixes, Bridges, Biking on Fulton’s TSPLOST List

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Potential revenue anywhere from $484 million to $655 million

If the divisive nature of this presidential election season doesn’t get you over to your local precinct, perhaps deciding the future of transportation in Fulton County will do the trick.

According to a recent Saporta Report story, Fulton County’s chief operating officer recently shared a list of projects that could be funded by transportation special purpose local option sales tax revenues — which could bring in anywhere from $484 million to $655 million.

If the latter number is collected (and voters approve the Nov. 8 referendum), Long said 36 percent would be earmarked for congestion relief like widening roads; 23 percent would go to improving traffic signals and similar operations improvement; 18.9 percent of it would go to maintenance and safety (think resurfacing and guard rail fixes); 14.7 percent would be spent on improvements for pedestrians, bicycles, and landscaping; and (drum roll) 3.1 percent would be used for fixing bridges.

Something’s missing here though. Ah yes, transit.

Fulton County commissioners held a meeting Thursday morning with the mayors of 13 Fulton County cities (not including Atlanta) to discuss the matter and review the most recent draft of the project list.

If approved, the transportation sales tax would levy .75 percent of one penny for projects in Fulton.

Meanwhile, the city of Atlanta is busy holding its own referendum to decide the fate of a tax increase for MARTA and other transportation projects.