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$1.4M Inman Park Craftsman has Dazzling Backyard Oasis

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A traditional house with summertime brouhaha in its soul

Billed as "an entertainer’s dream," this freshly listed Craftsman offers the unexpected trifecta of Inman Park prestige, Beltline walkability, and a slam-dunk pool-party oasis.

The catch: Buyers will need about $1.4 million to attain it.

Fans of stark modernism might want to avert their eyes. Beyond the wide rocking-chair porch, the interior is relentlessly traditional, as evidenced by the abundant wainscoting, rotary wall phone, vintage Coke memorabilia, coffered ceilings, and that rustic real dog in one photo. You’d hardly guess the place was built in 2001.

But the real treat with this five-bedroom casa isn't the three-car garage (an intown rarity), the functional porte-cochère, or that cozy second-story sleeping porch, which the listing falsely describes as overlooking the Beltline. (Picking nits, yes). No, the highlight is the backyard party pavilion, which spills into the pretty pool-and-hot-tub combo and true summer wonderland.

These are atypical perks at homes with Walk Scores of 86.