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Medical Building Near Piedmont in Buckhead Moving Forward

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The project will replace Chick-fil-A, but the disappearance is only temporary

A long-anticipated medical office building and senior care facility in South Buckhead, near Piedmont Hospital, will finally be moving forward.

BisNow reports that Cornerstone has filed permits for the construction of a seven-story medical facility, which will replace three suburban-style stores along Peachtree Road.

The building will boot Chick-fil-A, Peachtree Cleaners, the Peachtree Package store (pour some out), and a long-shuttered Harry's in a Hurry. On their ashes expect a 188,000-square-foot mixed-use medical development.

For those worried about losing the Chick-fil-A, have no fear: Plans call for a fried-poultry emporium under the same name to open in part of the ground-floor retail space of the new building. Additionally, the building will house two floors of medical offices, with the rest of the space dedicated to senior living facilities.

No word on a projected completion date.


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