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Inside $495k East Atlanta listing’s streamlined transformation

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In EAV, the quirky purple bungalow is no more

This streamlined, two-story offering in East Atlanta represents the "after" version of a bungalow that used to be as unorthodox as it was purple.

Two streets from the neighborhood’s rollicking village, the quirky old home used to feature lime-green cabinetry, pink rooms, and a spiral staircase of nickel-plated steel. It went for $225,000 back in December.

In its place is this 2,300-square-foot Urban Purpose project, which popped the top for a second story, resulting in four bedrooms, three and 1/2 bathrooms, and a generally more sun-filled disposition beneath that angled roof.

Highlights include marble countertops and a rare finished basement in this price range, which has a full bathroom and another room that can be pretty much anything, per the listing. Garage-lovers could be disheartened here, however.

The post-transformation asking price: $495,000.

NOTE: The listing price has been corrected from an earlier version of this article.