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Beltline’s Eastside Trail construction reaches new phase today

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Officials: Bicycles will be verboten mildly frowned upon on the trail’s Wylie Street stretch

Construction launched in June to stretch the Beltline’s Eastside Trail one more mile from Irwin Street in the Old Fourth Ward to Kirkwood Avenue in Reynoldstown, but until now, the work has been off-the-beaten path for most Atlantans.

That changes today.

As part of trail construction, expect lane closures along Wylie Street for the next six weeks, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays. The impacted stretch runs between the Krog Street Tunnel and Chester Avenue.

Here’s the explanation, per Beltline officials:

"[Atlanta Beltline Inc.] will be relocating the existing water line under the northern side of Wylie Street to the southern side of the street. Moving the water line is necessary to allow for the Eastside Trail on the northern side of the street.

Single lane closures will occur in stretches of 20-40 feet at a time. Flagmen will be present to direct traffic. The northern sidewalk along Wylie Street will be open during this time. On-street parking will be available outside the construction hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but will be unavailable where work is taking place during construction hours."

Beltline officials have called this stretch a challenge, from a design perspective, being that vehicles, the multi-use trail, and on-street parking will be packed into a relatively narrow corridor.

Since the old rail route doesn’t include Wylie Street, the 10-foot multi-use trail will take the north side of that street (nearest the train tracks), buffered by landscaping from vehicle traffic. The south side will be reserved for on-street parking, and new crosswalks are planned to link both sides.

Bikes will apparently be required to remain in the street, or riders may hop off and walk the Wylie Street portion of the trail, officials have said.

UPDATE: Beltline officials have relayed the following clarification: "Cyclists are encouraged to use the road when traveling on Wylie Street to reduce congestion on the multi-use trail but are also permitted to ride on the trail."

The Astra Group is building this next Beltline leg. The company, which previously worked on the first section of the Eastside Trail and the first phase of Historic Fourth Ward Park, is contractually required to finish the Eastside Trail’s next stretch within 18 months.

Hungry for more Eastside Trail extension 411? Beltline officials are hosting a community update meeting Thursday evening in the Old Fourth Ward. More details right here.