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$1.1M Morningside classic includes a friggin’ outdoor maze

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That mini-Stonehenge is meant for mediation

In ever-leafy Morningside, on a large lot that overlooks Sunken Garden Park, this updated traditional-style residence from the 1920s has made interesting use of its coveted land.

Namely, there’s something called a "meditation labyrinth" in the front yard, which seems tranquil enough. But as mazes go, it appears rather easy, and prone to cheating. It speaks to how big the lot really is, and makes the one-car garage around back all the more befuddling.

For $1.1 million, the four-bedroom, dormer-heavy property is billed as an "urbane retreat" with an open floorplan that captures panoramic views of the attached "personal oasis." Exactly how one enters the lovely backyard pool isn’t clear, though. (Via rock steps?)

Some tiling and design choices (mirrored shelving) appear more dated than classic, but the house has ample space (3,020 square feet), even if the half-finished basement and number of bathrooms (two and 1/2) leave something to be desired.

On the bright side, the killer fire-pit area and front-yard mini-Stonehenge provide apt space for mulling how this prime slice of Morningside might be maximized.