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In Inman Park, Victorian style from the 1990s costs $925K

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Offering three bedrooms and one-year-after-the-Olympics vintage

It’s not just the stately old Victorian mansions of Inman Park that cost upwards of $1 million these days.

Case in point is this 2,600-square-foot residence built in 1997, which has an exterior that echoes the dollhouse stylings of its Victorian neighbors, from the wrought-iron fencing and steep roof to the gingerbread trim. It listed this week at $925,000.

Save a Corinthian Doric column or two, the art-filled interior is truly open-concept, offering three bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, which most buyers will probably see fit to update, if budgets aren’t totally exhausted. (Consider that this house initially sold for $239,000 in the late '90s. Adjusted for inflation, that was dang cheap).

Perks include a rare three-car garage in the IP, and the ability to watch the Inman Park Parade from that wide party porch.