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Killer Mike could be inspiration for Atlanta's pun-heavy drill name

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Voting for the naming of Atlanta’s gigantic tunnel boring machine runs through Sept. 2

As to be expected, when the City of Atlanta opened up the naming of a massive new tool in its arsenal to create a 30-day water reserve for denizens, the public responded with some absurd suggestions. After all, the city was asking people to name a giant drill.

But while other groups have shied away from embracing the public’s crazy suggestions (e.g. Boaty McBoatface or the Stephen Colbert Bridge), the City of Atlanta seems to be on board. After narrowing down suggestions, they've put three options for the city's tunnel boring machine up for a public vote:

  • Driller Mike — an homage to local rapper Killer Mike who has been affiliated with OutKast, Young Jeezy, and other local icons.
  • Peach Beast — clearly a nod to the state’s namesake fruit and pretty much every road in Atlanta.
  • Scarlett — an ode to one of Atlanta’s most famous (fictional) residents from Gone with the Wind.

While all three options relate to Atlanta, Driller Mike is winning in the city-run poll by a staggering 86 percent. Clearly, Atlantans support a good pun.

According to Creative Loafing, voting closes on Sept. 2, so hurry on over to the Department of Watershed Management’s website to have your say. The winner will be announced at the Tunnel Boring Launch event this fall. Let's hope Scarlett isn't invited.