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Poll: What should become of Atlanta's underwhelming Olympic cauldron?

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Former Mayor Andrew Young reflects on the cauldron as the biggest disappointment of the Games

While no Muhammad Ali Atlanta Games moment, the Rio Olympics cauldron lighting was pretty spectacular, and the cauldron itself is quite psychedelic, paired with a rotating silver mobile.

Reflecting on the Atlanta Games of 20 years ago, as many Atlantans have done while tuning in to Rio coverage, former Atlanta mayor and champion of the Centennial Olympics Andrew Young referred to our Olympic cauldron as an "embarrassment" when speaking to 11 Alive.


Likened to a McDonald's french fry container, and mounted atop an Erector Set-like structure, the Atlanta cauldron definitely left something to be desired. And sited away from the stadium, the structure straddling Capitol Avenue, is kind of hanging out in no-man’s land these days.

Looking back on the design, Young noted that he wished the committee had engaged someone like Atlanta architectural icon John Portman to do the design for the cauldron. Alas, now it simply serves as one of the least attractive reminders of one of the city’s shining moments.

But with the area surrounding the cauldron ripe for redevelopment by Georgia State University and Carter, it’s time to figure out what Atlanta can do with this highly visible relic of the games.

Let's start by hearing from the people ...

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