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West End bungalow is boldly flirting with $400K mark

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Rehabbed 1925 property wants to set higher bar

This rehabbed bungalow in Historic West End is aiming to go where almost no nearby property has recently gone.

Built in 1925, it occupies a double corner lot on Beecher Street, a stone’s throw from the West End MARTA Station, Beltline’s Westside Trail, and Adair Park. As the listing boasts, it's been the subject of a home-improvement magazine feature.

Does that warrant a $375,900 asking price? Time will tell.

Inside the bold bungalow, a total rehab has retained the floors and fireplace — and taken open-concept to the extreme. The centerpiece is a large hearth that used to serve four separate rooms. All the wall annihilations have left just two bedrooms among these 1,900 square feet, however.

Here’s food for thought:

According to Zillow data, the only single-family West End home to recently break the $300,000 threshold was a 4,800-square-foot "mansion." That property traded in July for $305,000.

Maybe the market has really heated in recent weeks. Or maybe this is a case of Beltline Fever in need of Robitussin®.