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How this East Atlanta Victorian scored $600K without even trying

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For starters, the carriage house is move-in ready

In this era of bidding wars and limited housing supply around Atlanta, it’s not uncommon for new homes to sell before they have a chance to publicly list. Or before the foundations have even dried.

Such is the case with this Victorian-style pre-sale about three blocks from the East Atlanta Village, which has officially sold for $599,200. And no wonder. Several aspects of style (that roofline and appropriately scruffy claw-foot tub) and sheer perks (that finished carriage house) set this one apart.

Said the agent, Shane Little of Avenue Realty: "It was a great home."

The lot went for $137,000 last September, and Walsh Design set to building this four-bedroom, 2,600-square-footer with outdoor spaces aplenty: a wraparound front porch, plus a two-story screened deck and balcony combo around back. Some call the reclaim movement overplayed, but in this context, it doesn’t look overdone.

What's more, this already-big residence could be substantially larger if anyone’s ever inclined to finish the third floor. In any case, here's a look around: