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$1M Brookhaven pad has lake frontage, purple kitchen

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Cathedral ceilings, lakefront views, and bold color picks abound

This expansive 1970s residence overlooking Silver Lake in Brookhaven is chockfull of bold, expressive design choices.

Chief among them is the guffaw-inducing purple kitchen, which provides a (kind of) nice contrast to other, largely muted living spaces. At the very least, it's a perfect match for the amazing and equally purple Chihuly foyer chandelier.

The cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, and soaring banks of windows are rather awe-inspiring, and the living-room ceiling fan would befit a military helicopter. Another fan is straight-up psychedelic.

The facts: Built in 1971, this unique offering counts five bedrooms and three bathrooms (some of them either dated or pure, depending on perspective) among more than 3,600 square feet. Interesting art, artifacts, and water views abound.

One unique perk — especially for ITP residences — is the massive backyard that slopes down to 140 feet of lake frontage. Where, naturally, a fire pit awaits cooler fall temps.

The price: a grand shy of $1 million.