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Brookhaven eyes land for Peachtree Creek Greenway, an eventual Beltline connection

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City’s portion is part of 12-mile, multi-city effort that would link to the Atlanta Beltline

Brookhaven's getting serious about this multi-use trail talk.

A recent article in the Brookhaven Post indicates the northern ITP city is moving toward the purchase of green-space parcels that could be used in the creation of a 2.7-mile trail along Peachtree Creek’s north fork.

As part of a 12-mile total effort called Peachtree Creek Greenway that would link with the Beltline, Brookhaven’s portion would provide residents with close-to-home and close-to-work trail access as well as bicycle and pedestrian trails, officials say.

The article states Brookhaven has begun identifying possible greenspace properties for an overarching comprehensive park and recreation master plan, as well as tracts specifically for the city’s portion of the Peachtree Creek Greenway.

The overall 12-mile stretch is a multi-municipality effort that includes Chamblee, Dekalb County, and Doraville. A grassroots group is helping support the effort.

The trail would begin just outside I-285, roughly following I-85 until it joins the South Fork of Peachtree Creek near the Lindbergh MARTA station.

A master plan of the Brookhaven trail developed by Heath & Lineback Engineeers states that land along Peachtree Creek is "predominantly commercial, accounting for 35 parcels. Multifamily housing and apartments comprise most of the remaining property along the creek."

"However," it continues, "some open space currently exists, including a large tract of undeveloped forest near Briarwood Road that lines the creek, a smaller forest parcel further east. A total of 17 single-family homes also back onto the creek along its northern and southern reaches."

The estimated cost of the city’s share of Peachtree Creek Greenway? About $35 million.

To see the current draft of the city’s master plan for the Peachtree Creek Greenway, click here.