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Near Chastain, builder’s $1.5M California ranch is rather dreamy

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5,200 square feet in a style not common around Atlanta

Between Ga. Highway 400 and Chastain Park — where the tony northern reaches of Atlanta mingle with Sandy Springs — stands this house with a style not often seen around these parts: the California ranch.

According to the listing, the builder claimed this airy five-bedroom as a personal residence when it finished two years ago. Brandishing an aesthetic that never veers totally into rustic or contemporary, it’s the work of Sheehan Built Homes — self-billed as "Atlanta’s preeminent homebuilder" — which is the company behind the coveted Home for the Holidays Showhouse of both 2014 and 2015.

Among these 5,200 square feet homebuyers will find reclaimed wood beams, soaring ceilings, and a full home automation system. Perhaps the kitchen configuration makes more sense in person.

The whimsical, high-ceilinged kids’ room is a treat, though. Ditto for the game room, outdoor lounges, and purple-hued pool and hot tub.

An added bonus: This is that rare Atlanta cul-de-sac with some modicum of walkability, as Sandy Springs’ Gateway is coming to fruition nearby.