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'Vision 2020' campaign highlights milestones in Atlanta’s tourism corridor

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Dubbed ‘2020 Vision,’ initiative will kick off with opening of Mercedez-Benz Stadium

A campaign and strategic plan being billed as the biggest thing since the opening of the Georgia World Congress Center is currently underway, according to a news release from, well, the Georgia World Congress Center. It basically predicts that downtown's western flank will be transformed by the year 2020.

Kicking off with the grand opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2017 (not a bad start), the so-called "2020 Vision" is, essentially, a series of transformational events with regard to Atlanta’s convention and tourism corridor.

The 2020 Vision includes expansions, additions, and renovations to the GWCC campus.

"These new additions position the city very well to attract new business and allows us to adapt to expanding convention needs," said Mark Vaughan, executive vice president and chief sales officer, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

And, just what other additions are we talking here?

The 2020 Vision plan also calls for an 800 to 1,100-room, high-end, high-rise convention center hotel to open next to GWCC building C, as has been previously reported. The addition of the hotel to the GWCCA campus aims to add increased space for larger meetings and a little more convenience for attendees.

The plan also calls for adjacent exhibit space between buildings B and C. The new space would create a contiguous 1 million square feet of exhibit space, adding to the vast 1.4 million square feet currently available.

In addition, Centennial Olympic Park will see a series of renovations that aim to enhance its multi-use event capability as well as make it more pedestrian friendly, officials said. Plans call for a brand new space at Baker Street and Park Place that would feature a restaurant and further expand events the park can host.

"Our 2020 Vision plan is all about aligning the GWCCA campus with the future needs of our customers, partners, stakeholders and surrounding community while ensuring the continued economic growth of downtown Atlanta’s thriving hospitality district," Frank Poe, Executive Director of the GWCCA, said in the release.

Added Poe, boldly: "Our campus – and organization – continues to evolve as we expect to remain the No. 1 convention, sports and entertainment destination in the world and a major economic driver for the State of Georgia."