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Edgewood flip near MARTA station guns for half-mil

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Location touted as “the epicenter of intown living”

Despite the iPhone-grade listing photos, several interesting aspects shine through with this circa-1925 bungalow flip on the northern lip of Edgewood.

Beyond the porch’s unique beam work is a chef’s kitchen (appliance package pending) with vaulted ceilings and countertops of marble and butcher block. The two and 12 bathrooms include custom vanities. Clearly, it’s a work in progress, but for now the landscaping, like a garage, is nonexistent.

It listed this week for 100 bucks short of $500,000, which would buy four bedrooms, 2,200 square feet, and a backyard deck that probably could’ve been larger.

The listing touts the location as "the epicenter of intown living," a residential pocket between Candler Park, Kirkwood, and the Edgewood Retail District.

It’s also a Breeze Card’s toss from the Edgewood-Candler Park MARTA Station and all the development that’s generating right now, which includes MARTA’s first transit-oriented development, the recently christened and very much under-construction "Spoke."

But still, it’s Exhibit A that a half-mil doesn’t go as far as it used to in this town.