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NCR’s Midtown plans for Phase 2 unveiled

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Early renderings suggest tech HQ could bring retail to Spring Street

Renderings have recently emerged that show what the second piece of tech giant NCR’s future Midtown headquarters will look like: a roughly dozen-story counterpart to the Phase 1 tower that’s rising now, next to The Connector.

It's Phase 3 that leaves questions unanswered. UPDATE: Due to an unfortunate editorial blunder, earlier renderings were misread. Phase 3 appears nonexistent and Atlanta's favorite lap-dance emporium safe. For now.

Leaders with the Fortune 500 company have called this new NCR campus, which links to booming Tech Square, a future "Silicon Valley of the East." Accordingly, NCR is now planning to relocate some 5,300 jobs to their Midtown hub — or nearly twice as many as they’d promised when initially announcing their relocation from Duluth, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

According to the newspaper, jobs could be pulled in from across Atlanta’s suburbs — that is, every single job in the ‘burbs, where 95 percent of NCR’s workforce lives — as well as Texas and possibly beyond.

The AJC reported the Phase 1 and 2 towers will be interlocking and connected by a glass portion, through which passersby on the street can see NCR’s researchers and developers toiling away.

But it’s the below diagram where two really interesting facets of NCR’s planned campus can be gleaned.

Revelation #1: The second tower would appear to have a base of retail in its future, which could help activate this stretch of Spring Street.

Revelation #2: It would appear that NCR is at least contemplating yet another phase across the street — in what’s currently the Cheetah’s asphalt parking lot. UPDATE: Sorry, bucko, incorrect.

Could the legendary Midtown strip club keep purring without that parking? As our counterparts at Curbed National recently found, some Cheetah employees feel it's only a matter of time before the wrecking ball comes knocking.

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