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In Ormewood Park, new twist on intown farmhouse emerges for $550K

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Barn doors and rustic finishes? Check, check

This new eastside Atlanta listing eschews the modern-farmhouse trend of recent years and goes straight farmhouse, clearly aiming to capitalize on Atlantans’ fondness for generous porches.

Built anew this year, the four-bedroom, 2,430-square-foot residence stands off Confederate Avenue, in the southern reaches of Ormewood Park near Woodland Hills. The double front staircase, wraparound porch, and straight roofline creates an exterior aesthetic that’s hardly boilerplate.

Inside, the abundant/rampant white subway tile and open shelving lend airiness to the kitchen, which flows back into a living room with no shortage of windows, which then leads to a covered deck and patio facing an expansive, sloped backyard. Feeling cramped around here probably won’t be an issue.

The parking is driveway and pad only, for farmhouse homesteaders who don’t mind their wagons getting wet. And the price is $549,900.