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Doraville’s Assembly development lurches forward at last

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Despite continued fighting over funding, this potentially game-changing project will finally advance

The old Doraville GM assembly plant stopped churning out cars years ago, leaving a major void north of downtown Doraville, just inside the northeastern ring of Interstate 285.

When plans were announced to turn the site into a mixed-use utopia anchored by a movie studio complex , it seemed the small city that straddles the Perimeter would see a major boom. But the 165-acre site's redevelopment has been stuck in neutral due to infighting between Doraville and DeKalb County Schools over funding.

However, the Brookhaven Post reports that Doraville officials have now found a way to forge ahead without the support of the school system.

The Doraville Downtown Development Authority voted to approve $82 million in tax incentives to allow the Integral Group to move forward with construction on the development. Plans also call for the creation of a Community Improvement District to self-tax the business community and allow for the construction of roadway and infrastructure improvements.

Plans for the site include housing, offices, and retail, all connected to downtown Doraville and the Doraville MARTA station via a new tunnel under railroad tracks that currently separate the area.