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Tiny house hits the market in Atlanta with (relatively) itty-bitty price

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While the home lacks curb appeal and a kitchen, the price and flexibility may be enticing to some

Last weekend, Decatur hosted a Tiny House Festival, highlighting a range of diminutive domiciles for those curious about the little lifestyle.

Now, one of the "houses" — after all, this does kind of bring up the question of what really constitutes a "house" — is for sale. The shipping container turned residence features many of the trappings of a normal house: hardwood floors, flatscreen TV, air conditioning, and even a barn door.

The home isn’t for the culinarily inclined, however, with only a mini fridge and coffeemaker to speak of. But it does feature a bathroom with a waterless toilet.

The Craigslist listing offers that the home would be a good "studio, hunting cabin, office, mother-in-law suite, vacation home or work-live space."

While the home may lack curb appeal, the attached trailer hitch does mean that a new buyer can shuttle it to a suitably beautiful remote location to enjoy living in nature,

For those willing to forgo many components that people expect in a regular house, this tiny home has a rather tiny price tag: $32,000, or roughly $85 per square foot.