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SunTrust Park to have blazing fast Internet (so fans can't watch the Braves?)

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Comcast officials: We're bringing lightning-quick Interwebs to the entire 60-acre Battery complex

The Braves haven been performing abysmally this season, having to repeatedly restock the roster by calling up players from the minor leagues. The long-distance phone bills must be getting ridiculous.

But that'll all be a distant memory soon, thanks to the pending move out to SunTrust Park. And a giant peacock.

According to a press release, The Battery is going to be rigged with 100 Gigabit Internet service compliments of Comcast. The service will include something called a "five-site Ethernet Network Service" to connect Braves ops with four farm teams up and down the East Coast. So the team should be able to reshuffle the roster (again) in record time.

High-speed coverage will extend beyond team offices, with service in the on-site hotel, retail spaces, restaurants, entertainment venues, residential units, and even the stadium itself, Comcast officials said.

All told, expect more than 700 Wi-Fi hotspots around the mixed-use development. Basically, SunTrust Park is going to have better Internet than Buckhead’s most tricked-out mansions.

Unfortunately, the announcment includes none of the technological features proposed on this groundbreaking wish list last year... and with the ousting of Tim Lee from the Cobb County Commission, it's especially doubtful the animatronic likeness of Cobb's most infamous dictator will ever materialize.

SunTrust Park

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