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Atlanta Perimeter America’s deadliest interstate

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Study indicates that Interstate 285 is the nation’s most fatal freeway

Navigating Atlanta’s notoriously traffic-clogged interstates is a tedious, annoying daily occurrence for the majority of metro residents. But in addition to being a hassle, it turns out, it’s pretty dangerous too.

From a cultural standpoint, metro Atlanta is often self-divided between ITP and OTP by Interstate 285, and the roadway itself happens to be the most deadly stretch of interstate in the country, according to the AJC. In one year alone, the highway saw an average of one fatality per 3.5 miles.

The news isn’t particularly new, stemming from a Vox media report covering data from 2013. But as the Georgia Department of Transportation noted in a response to the AJC, the news illustrates a disturbing, dubious distinction the city would rather not have.

Other roadways topping the list include I-710 in California, I-240 in Oklahoma, I-495 in Delaware, and I-240 in northern neighbor Tennessee.

In light of the news, MARTA may be looking like a better option for the daily commute. Or at least a safer one.