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$369K in Grant Park bags bold decor, skyline views

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Daring finishes abound in these 1,600 square feet

This fun-loving listing could be the antidote for Atlanta homebuyers fatigued by banal interior design, bland paint schemes, and half-million-plus price points.

Standing with a double-decker front porch where Grant Park meets Summerhill (it’s listed as technically being in the former), this 2007 home’s adorableness should make buyers flip, according to the listing agent.

The back porch is said to include downtown views (not pictured) in partnership with a stylishly revamped backyard. There’s no garage but a shed for storage of yardstuff.

The $369,000 ask bags three bedrooms, two and 12 bathrooms, and — according to property records — 1,638 square feet, which could seem a tad small for a multi-story residence.

If the asking price seems suspiciously cheap for GP, consider that it sold for a mere $140,000 after a foreclosure during the recession, according to property records. But many upgrades (the master bathroom especially) have likely happened since.