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Buford Highway is getting a fancy modern office building

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Atlanta architecture firm plexus r+d brings slick design to the auto-centric corridor

New construction on Buford Highway — a million-lane strip associated with monotonous suburban sprawl — doesn’t usually make the news.

But an under-construction office building on the Atlanta-Brookhaven line is changing that.

Designed by plexus r+d, the building is far from the typical office fare found all along BuHi. With a horizontally corrugated black metal facade, angular white columns, and bold cantilevers, the office is a striking modern statement.

Encompassing 20,000 square feet, the two-story multi-tenant office building above a floor of parking will be anchored by Cruz and Associates Attorneys. According to the architecture team, "the design takes advantage of the dramatic topography by carving a level of structured parking that is situated under the office space."

Pictures show that the building has just started going vertical to the north of the intersection of Buford Highway and Lenox Road, next to Green’s liquor store. The building replaces a one-story midcentury structure.

Look for work to continue into next year.