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MARTA’s first transit development officially breaks ground

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Officials say “Spoke” will bring apartments, a performing arts center, retail, and restaurants to Edgewood — in just 15 months

MARTA is still barreling down the tracks with station-adjacent transit-oriented developments across the system, hoping to turn residents into riders.

Monday, the transit agency celebrated a major milestone with the groundbreaking of "Spoke" adjacent to the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station. The $40-million development will swallow parking lots surrounding the station, bringing 224 apartments, a performing arts center, retail, restaurants, and a park.

According to the AJC, the Columbia Ventures project should be completed in just 15 months from now.

The development could soon be joined by similar projects in Avondale, Brookhaven, and Grant Park, with a truly dense, high-rise urban development being explored for Midtown at Arts Center Station, too.

The good news keeps coming for MARTA, which recently announced its intentions to overhaul its rail fleet and has been seriously stepping up its bus game with both extra-long and extra-tall rides.

Atlanta may just be warming to transit yet...

MARTA - Edgewood/Candler Park Station

1475 DeKalb Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307 (404) 848-5000