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‘Buckhead’s finest’ home loses contract; available again at $12.5M

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So it can still be yours!

Hyperbolic outbursts such as "masterpiece!" and "unbelievable!" are common in listing descriptions across Atlanta, but here’s a case where they’re probably justified.

Billed as "Buckhead’s finest" home, this decadent English Manor-style mansion is snuggled on 3.5 acres in Tuxedo Park. Around almost every corner it wows.

It offers nearly 25,000 square feet, which is comparable to some Whole Foods Market locations. But for a place of such gaudy dimensions and astronomical price, the interior comes across as endearingly sophisticated and, well, artful. Even the home theater and arched staircases are tastefully restrained.

No wonder. As the 2016 Southeastern Designer Showhouse, it served as a springtime showcase this past May for the region’s leading talents in the design industry. And it shows.

The two-story master bedroom (one of six) would make for dandy intown living quarters on its own. The shoe closets could be Midtown apartments. The two-story pool house with its accompanying infinity pool and unending patio, if plopped in Brookhaven, would be the envy of neighbors.

The lot alone (or with a very pricey teardown) sold for more than $2.4 million in 2013.

After listing in June for $12.5 million, the manor scored a contract relatively quickly (five weeks), but that deal appears to have soured. The property listed once again last week — for not a dollar less.