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What sweet townhouses cost in Downtown Roswell right now

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Does the OTP location spell a discount, without compromising walkability and great food?

The charming, thriving OTP node that is Historic Roswell has been called "Virginia-Highland North" and home to some of metro Atlanta’s best eateries — along with solid schools and outdoor recreation.

With its period storefronts and tourism, Canton Street is especially bustling. So would decamping from the competitive ITP scene and house-hunting within an easy walk of R-town’s finest spell a significantly lower mortgage?

Not exactly.

First off, for-sale properties among the lovely old housing stock near Historic Roswell’s epicenter appear basically nonexistent right now. So let’s shift focus to the new stuff being built — properties with surprisingly strong Walk Scores of 79.

Right off Canton Street sits a development called Parkside on Canton, where three recently built townhomes remain unsold. We’ll focus on the cheapest, a four-bedroom unit with 2,677 square feet that’s going for $589,000. That’s comparable to many hot intown ‘hoods at the moment. This larger unit in the Old Fourth Ward is in fact $40,000 cheaper, albeit west of Boulevard.

In Roswell, the price bags a sparkling unit with a second-living-room/wet-bar combo that opens to a sprawling rooftop party deck with a grill. And plenty of shiplap.

The curb appeal leaves something to be desired, provided these can even be seen from the street. The two other remaining (and ostensibly larger) units are $589,000 and $699,000. Not exactly bargain-basement OTP pricing.