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Map: Across Atlanta, rents still heating up this summer

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Median rent spikes noted around Georgia State University, Tuxedo Park

While Atlanta rents have continued to boil this summer, to the point that a one-bedroom pad now costs a median of $1,300 per month, the ATL isn’t close to cracking the top 10 most expensive U.S. markets by that metric, according to analysts at apartment rental site Zumper.

The site’s quarterly analysis calculated median rents across 77 Atlanta neighborhoods. The findings: Atlanta ranks as the 17th most expensive rental market in the nation right now, with one bedroom units priced at a median of $1,300, and two bedroom units at $1,650. That’s pricier than competitors Dallas and New Orleans — and that progressive northerner Minneapolis.

With its $1,800 monthly median for one-bedrooms, South Tuxedo Park is Atlanta’s priciest rental district, followed by brethren Peachtree Heights West and North Buckhead. (Interestingly, the site noted 10-percent rent spikes over the last quarter in Tuxedo Park and Georgia State University. Because classes resumed, maybe?)

South of Buckhead, Midtown reigns supreme as the median rent king ($1,650 for a single bedroom), despite a deluge of supply. Inman Park is unsurprisingly second.

By comparison, one-bedroom rents in South Downtown ($1,050) look borderline philanthropic.

Here’s a close look at the northern reaches of the city:

And (the majority of) the southern:

The full rent map:

The broader view: