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Where this midcentury Atlanta renovation costs $180K

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Low prices (and fancy writing on listing photos) minutes from downtown

It’s true the phrase "midcentury renovation" can indicate sacrilege — or at the very least distastefulness. Kind of like "reimagined classic." Or "timeworn birthday cake."

But this house from 1954 — which resembles an iconic midcentury ranch more inside than out, in places — is all-caps proud of its "SEXY RENOVATION!" that saw "Everything Modernized!" It’s a chance for buyers to enjoy perks like vaulted ceilings with 60-year-old beams, abundant Carrara marble tile, and a fairly sweet kitchen for $179,800 in a squarely ITP location.

With three bedrooms and 1,924 square feet, the property’s perched on a hill in Hammond Park, between interstates 75 and 85 south of downtown, just north of Hapeville and the airport.

Interesting aspects include the pergola in the private backyard, the fancy mailbox, and those gleaming hardwoods. It appears the basement or a crawl space was transformed into a two-car garage

The listing proclaims, "Your best life starts now!" And perhaps that’s true for budget-conscious ITP buyers.