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In second year, Oakhurst Porchfest is nearing ‘palooza status

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Almost 200 bands on tap for second-annual shindig called Georgia's "largest organic, free-range, crowd-sourced music festival"

Nearly 200 bands have signed on for the second-annual Oakhurst Porchfest — a grassroots, neighborhood-wide celebration of music that’s now cool enough to have its own poster.

The website Decatur Metro, a driving force behind Porchfest, reports that the band roster has been closed at 180 for the Oct. 8 blowout. (At last check, organizers hadn’t quite secured enough porches to host that many players).

Other notable changes this year: Porchfest will be on Saturday instead of Sunday. And it’ll jam for six hours instead of four. Expect about 50 more acts than last year.

Porchfest started as a wild idea among a few Oakhurst denizens, but by showtime last year, it was being called "the largest organic, free-range, crowd-sourced music festival in the state of Georgia."

The concept was borrowed from a similar hoedown born in Ithaca, N.Y. eight years ago, and the logistics for the inaugural, local incarnation were handled by some 500 volunteers.

For a relative newcomer, Porchfest performed admirably in our inaugural Great Atlanta Festival Face-Off this past spring, toppling Goliaths Music Midtown and Shaky Knees.