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Can potential + Beltline save this $32K Westview Tudor?

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It’s going to take a Herculean rescue effort

From the street, the potential of this 1945 Tudor in Westview leaps out of the overgrown lawn, but venturing inside reveals scenes that are borderline NSFW.

Clearly this three-bedroom property was once a proud place, and its style echoes several dwellings on what’s otherwise a pretty tidy street. It listed this week at $32,000, a price that reflects what a Herculean rescue effort (and capital injection) will be required.

It stands a couple of blocks from Westview Cemetery, and several more from the under-construction Westside Trial, offering "tons of space and opportunity with this home and the activity, renovations, and growth going on in this area," as the listing agent puts it.

The house is loaded with charm and character, but here’s a fair warning that several rooms are true horror shows at the moment. Beneath the grime, though, it’s the kind of place intown dwellers should be pulling for.