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How Atlanta rent stacks up against other cities

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Study shows what $1,500 gets you in ATL and elsewhere

As with most other cities across the United States, rental costs in Atlanta continue to climb. That much is obvious.

But exactly how cheap/pricey Atlanta is in the greater context is a little trickier to determine. Until now.

A recent study by Rent Cafe included some cool visuals that show just how much square footage one gets for a given cost — in this case, $1,500.

Researchers with the site and sister company Yardi Matrix also did some digging to determine the average price per square foot in the 100 largest U.S. cities.

Using the calculator (below), a prospective renter can see how much space $1,500 gets him or her in various cities:

Renters in Atlanta get 1,172 square feet for $1,500 — twice the house you'd get in Los Angeles for the same price and nearly three times the size of a similarly priced rental in Boston.

This (below) calculator shows how much space one’s monthly rent would buy in other large US cities:

According to its website, Rent Cafe is a nationwide internet listing service that "enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the United States."