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Demolition marks start of architecturally daring Midtown tower, Peachtree and Third

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High-end apartment tower will soon rise in place of the old Agatha’s Mystery Theater building, across the street from the Fox Theatre

On Saturday morning, demolition crews brought the curtain down on the old Agatha’s Mystery Theater building, across the street from the Fox Theatre, heralding the start of the latest new high-rise in Midtown.

Removal of the early 20th Century brick structure, which had been heavily abused over the years, paves the way for the realization of a high-end apartment tower nearly a year in the making.

Plans call for a 24-story apartment tower at the corner of Peachtree and Third streets in south Midtown. (And thus the name, Peachtree and Third). Designed by ODA, the building will feature 150 apartments and 4,000 square feet of retail space in a sleek modern tower with large glass walls, balconies, and rooftop greenery.

The units could potentially be turned into condos at a later date.

The project is being developed by JPXWorks, the team that built Inman Quarter and plans to develop Emerson in Buckhead.

Bruce Fernald, a founding principal of the firm, indicates that the rubble of the old building should be cleared in the coming month. Once that's all done, footings should be finished by the end of October, with the building going vertical sometime before the end of the year.

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Demolition of the old building.