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‘Brownstone-inspired’ Ansley Park home intriguing, but surrounded by parking lots

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Otherwise posh, unique house has four bedrooms, five bathrooms

While not expressly mentioned in the listing verbiage for this 4,000-square-foot Ansley Park home, perusing the provided photos offers clues about the impervious surfaces surrounding this "Brownstone inspired" custom build. And that could help explain why it's lingered on the market for a relative eternity.

A gander at Google Street View confirms it’s got what appears to be a bank parking lot beside it and a big, honking parking deck in the backyard. But that's what screening trees are for, right?

Having sat on the market for more than a year, as of this month, and listed currently at $1.29 million — a price reduction of $109,900 from the initial listing — this newly built four-bedroom, five-bathroom is constructed of brick on all sides. It has custom fabricated railings and "a breathtaking rooftop terrace," which includes a fireplace and covered area.

The listing breathlessly describes a wide open interior layout with exposed beams in the family room, "one of a kind Fox Mountain Stone surround gas fireplace, gorgeous, sleek kitchen featuring decor inset white maple cabinets with glass uppers, Calcutta Marble countertops," and stainless appliances.

"This home will take your breath away," touts the listing.

Whether that’s from sheer exhilaration or car exhaust fumes was unclear.