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Atlanta Regional Commission move a symbolic shift to center of downtown

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Peachtree Center address will position the group in region's epicenter, connected to rail transit

The Atlanta Regional Commission represents the greater metro area, coordinating efforts between municipalities and counties to build a better region. Yes, it's a tall task in this balkanized kingdom.

Based out of downtown Atlanta, the entire metro’s historic and business core, the group announced yesterday that they would be relocating to new digs at the very epicenter of downtown. That could be a big deal, if only for symbolic reasons.

According to a press release, the ARC will be taking over 50,000 square feet in the John Portman-designed Peachtree Center on Peachtree Street. The move will provide 9,000 square feet of conference space, allowing the ARC to interface more with the community and host large gatherings.

Additionally, Peachtree Center provides better access to transit, more walkable options for the organization’s 200 employees, and an address on Atlanta’s preeminent and priciest street. And the move comes as big plans are afoot to overhaul the half-century-old facility.

The news also reignites rumors about what could be afoot on an entire block of Edgewood Avenue — the current home of the ARC.

Earlier this year, rumors swirled about a possible sale of a four-acre site that's home to United Way, a range of volunteer organizations, and the ARC. With the ARC vacating their building near The Connector, it'll be interesting to see what becomes of that property.

The Mall at Peachtree Center

231 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303-1603 404 654 1296