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$1.2M Virginia-Highland classic touted as ‘flawless’

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5,000 square feet, four bedrooms, and a varied universe of shelves

Minimalists be warned: This primely located offering in Virginia-Highland is promoted as having a "flawless" renovation with "breathtaking additions," which is true for homebuyers who appreciate striped carpeting and more shelving than the Fulton County Library System.

Located a couple of blocks from Hand In Hand pub, the 1925 bones of the original, traditional house were dramatically expanded upon at some point, resulting in a 5,000-square-foot dwelling that managed to carve out just four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has as many car slots in the garage as bathrooms.

It listed last week at $1.2 million, boasting an 84 Walk Score, terrifically cozy porch, bathroom coffee bar, four fireplaces, and one gigantic backyard patio. The listing deploys the classic phrase: "Old world charm & elegance meets new world amenities & conveniences."

For buyers who don’t find this to be their cup of elegantly prepared tea, perhaps thoughts of future updating and purging could make the asking price more palatable.