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For $17.5M, this WTF-worthy Atlanta home is billed as ‘world’s safest’

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The listing would provide the address, but then it would have to kill you

Atlanta’s most paranoid high-rollers and sheiks have probably caught wind of this new $17.5-million listing, which is alternately billed as a "modern fortress," "presidential compound," and "one of the world’s safest homes."

With eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and 36,000 square feet, this North Atlanta Fort Knox is chockfull of Scarface-grade security and extravagance befitting Bruce Wayne.

The weirdly secretive listing photos show glimpses of architectural flourishes like archways and Ionic columns, doors with innumerable locks, geese, art gallery patrons, bowling balls, a shooting range, and what looks like still shots from the movie Predator. WTF moments abound.

Technically speaking, this place is SAFE — a Strategically Armored and Fortified Environment, designed by global security expert Al Corbi, per the listing. Hardly believable features include a secret 30-car vault, full water and power supplies, and three kitchens that include catering.

Some of the listing images are representative because the "property awaits final customization." Records indicate that parts of it may date back to 2010.

Whatever the case, it’s one of three Atlanta properties on the market for north of $17 million at the moment. The address is naturally undisclosed.