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Colony Square unveils enviable Internet connectivity, detailed plaza glimpse

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As a more distinct vision shapes up, the active project snags distinction for lightning-fast online speed for office patrons

The future for a Midtown Atlanta landmark is becoming clearer.

The transformation of Colony Square from half-century-old relic to modern office-centric development in the heart of Midtown isn’t going to be easy, but a new accolade (and rendering) hints at how developers are trying to push the pioneering but aged property into the 21st Century.

North American Properties has released a statement pertaining to the overhaul of the Midtown mixed-use development and its recent distinction as a "Wired Certified Platinum" rated project. The title basically means the project's integrated high-speed Internet infrastructure and capacity will be able to support ever-changing technological demands.

Also emerging this week: a new rendering of the development’s plaza, tucked off Peachtree Street. The image shows a barely recognizable scene, with a new theater, fitness club, restaurants, and retail, all connected by rooftop walkways that frame a new public space, punctuated by a water feature.

The Colony Square reinvention is slated to transform the base of 720,000 square feet of office space, while expanding and enhancing 163,000 square feet of retail space.

And here's the latest glimpse at Colony Square's future core, albeit with generic signage:

If all goes according to plan, work will be done in time for the project’s 50th anniversary in 2018.

Colony Square

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