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Development on Atlanta's Pine Street mercifully swallows vacant lot

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The new two-story structure fills the northwest corner of Pine Street and Piedmont Avenue intersection

Pine Street has long been viewed as an ominous demarcation between the bustle of Midtown and the business of downtown — a sort of vacant no-man's land that has staved off development in the area, mostly by way of a controversial shelter that bears the street's name.

However, the negative connotations of Pine Street haven’t deterred all nearby development, with plans brewing for a major mixed-use project at the Civic Center site and a trendy loft-office project swallowing a former mechanic shop.

Now, one neighborhood reader has sent in a photo of a project rising just two blocks east of Peachtree Street on Pine. Permits indicate the two-story building is being constructed by St. Jude’s as an outreach facility for the neighborhood.

While just 7,400 square feet, the building is a welcome change to the abandoned lot that's consumed the corner for a decade or longer.

Work is chugging along on the Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau-designed building, with sheathing being placed this week. If progress continues at pace, look for the building to be completed around the end of the year.