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Asking $529K in Edgewood, this traditional-contemporary fusion quickly lands buyer

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Another piece of recent, drastic changes to this eastside street

Buyers sharking the streets of Edgewood apparently found much to love in this fusion of contemporary and traditional elements in the heart of the eastside nabe.

With four bedrooms and 2,230 square feet, it dangled aspects such as leathered granite, designer lighting, and something called a Shou Sugi Ban accent wall in front of homebuyers.

It listed on Friday at $529,000, and according to Zillow was under contract in about three days.

The half-mil property is sans garage, but the backyard deck looks beyond ample. Other highlights include an office nook with charging station, sleek faucets, and the mudroom with built-in cabinetry. Let us hope the landscaping is a work-in-progress.

For a little broader perspective, these Google Maps images, taken from the same spot four years apart, show a pretty stark contrast on this section of the street ...

And now the current listing photos ...