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Midtown's Arts Center MARTA Station could be topped by huge development

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Proposal could bring retail, towers with residences, offices, and hotel on top of the train station

North Midtown could receive a major influx of transit-linked development with a new scheme being explored by MARTA.

The AJC reports that MARTA has entered discussions to develop up to four high-rises above Arts Center Station in Midtown. Yesterday, the transit agency’s board agreed to exclusive discussions with a partnership of developers Cousins Properties and Integral Group.

If the project were to move forward, a retail podium is envisioned to cover the site, with towers containing residential, retail, offices, and a hotel above it. With a large frontage on West Peachtree Street, the 6.2-acre property is in a prime location to play off a range of development already underway surrounding it.

Development around MARTA stations, and especially on MARTA-owned land, has been a hot topic over the last few years. But while other stations are destined for development in underused parking lots, Arts Center would differ in that the project would be built over the station. It doesn't get much more transit-connect than that.

For those hoping for quick results, don’t bet on things happening too soon. Discussions are likely to take a year, given the complexity of the project.

MARTA - Arts Center Station

1255 W Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 404 848 5000