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‘Opulent Masterpiece’ coming soon in Buckhead: $4.9M

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Ever wanted 24-karat gold water faucets and multiple hot tubs? This place is for you

By living in a home that contains a salon, gym, sauna, rec room, movie theater, and a video-game arcade in the attic, the prospective owner of this Buckhead mansion would likely never need to leave home. Literally.

But it's almost certain they'd need an army of house staffers and a landscaping team to keep it looking as pretty as it does in the listing pictures.

This recent-build mind-boggler is located in the Kingswood neigbhorhood across the street from Pace Academy. The listing agent describes the seven bedroom, eight bathroom, monstrously massive manse as "a picture of opulence." Pay attention to the woodwork of the floors and especially outdoor ceilings. Yes, opulent.

The 17,000-square-foot address known as Sterling Hall is nothing short of that, boasting the types of details reserved for the ultra-rich to appreciate as they raise their crystal champagne flutes in a toast to prosperity: limestone floors, limestone doorways, multiple hot tubs, and 24-karat gold waterworks fixtures (come on, really?).

Then again, if somebody's worked (or inherited) enough to buy a place like this, might as well flip out the gold-plated lighter and burn through the rest of those hundred dollar bills.