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Downtown Atlanta student housing project is officially underway

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Building will bring more than 600 beds to Piedmont Avenue for Georgia State University students

Georgia State University's downtown takeover is roaring ahead — like a Panther of progress — as a derelict property will soon make way for the construction of a new dormitory.

BisNow reports that developer South City Partners has applied for permits to begin site work on Piedmont Avenue, between John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Ellis Street, a block west of The Connector.

The Preston Partnership-designed project is slated to bring around 650 student beds, arranged in 235 units, to the neighborhood.

The dorm, located in the heart of GSU's downtown campus, would extend the trend of private dorms that's been booming in Midtown (and elsewhere downtown). Just last year, University House and Square on Fifth opened around Tech Square, while the construction of The Standard is anticipated this fall.

The design has yet to be revealed, but officials say this latest Georgia State project should open for next fall semester.