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In Whittier Mill, live in a converted 1800s Atlanta convenience store for $389K

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It’s one of two original commercial structures still standing in the historic western ITP enclave

In the market for achingly authentic exposed beams? How about a room partition that used to function as the service desk for a west Atlanta general store about 120 years ago?

Good luck finding that anywhere but this converted 1890s retailer in historic Whittier Mill Village, which the listing accurately describes as an "equal balance of historic charm and tasteful renovations."

Beyond the expansive iron windows that face one of the village’s cozier streets, this property offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, soaring wood ceilings, and perks like the original shiplap. All told, there’s 3,034 square feet.

According to City of Atlanta records, the brick-and-clapboard structure dates to 1896 and was originally the Whittier Mill dry goods and grocery store. It’s one of two original commercial structures still standing in the WMV, the other being a commercial building from 1897 that’s been converted into three apartments.

The space was obviously two living quarters at one time, and the sale apparently includes two kitchens and a double dose of back porches, which overlook a large backyard.

For $389,000, it’s a lot of unique space for buyers hungry for authenticity in laid-back locales.