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New Edgewood modern touted as impenetrable fortress

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This four-bedroom, $530K property is loaded with concrete

Wind, floods, fire, hurricanes, and giant lizards from Japan stand no chance against this new modern residence in Edgewood, the listing (basically) claims.

Listed on Friday for $529,000, and increased by $900 over the weekend, this tri-story, four-bedroom contemporary on tucked-away Macklone Street is complete, per the listing, which strangely provides no images beyond a rendering and floorplan.

Perhaps more interesting is the listing’s claims of near indestructibility. The floors, walls, even the roof are made of solid concrete, which repels high winds, fire, and moisture while being energy-effiecient and low-maintence, the promotional language asserts.

Among these 2,200 square feet a buyer will find two and 1/2 bathrooms, thermal pane windows, quartz countertops, three balconies, and a rooftop deck. Sounds cool, but what it actually looks like is anyone’s guess for now.