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Light-filled, midcentury Midtown condo hankers for $650,000

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But don’t forget the HOA fee commitments

For homebuying checklists that include sprawling condo spaces, true cosmopolitan walkability, warehouse airiness, and even urban herb gardens, this $650,000 listing at the corner of Peachtree and 5th streets could suffice.

That is, for buyers who can swallow $1,054 in monthly HOA fees, a cheap mortgage in and of itself.

But this two-bedroom offering at the 805 Peachtree building isn’t a humdrum Midtown condo. Its plentiful windows glide open for expansive city views, and the house-size 2,330 square feet includes two balconies

The listing agent describes the building as "a touch of Bauhaus and Miami Beach Art Deco right on Peachtree Street," and it certainly holds unique appeal on Atlanta’s for-sale multifamily scene.

Originally built as federal government offices in 1951, George Rohrig (of Cartel Properties fame) and his frequent investment partners the Loudermilk family (of Aaron Rents fame) bought the building in the late '90s and converted it into boutique condos with street retail. It has a pool that's heated and cooled.

Conveniently, a portion of this unit's north-facing views come pre-blocked, so fretting over a future of totally ruined city vistas won’t be warranted. (Just don’t mind the parking lots next door).

One bright spot is the 91 Walk Score, which is almost as good as it gets in spread-out (but densifying) Atlanta.