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Meet the tiniest, cheapest Atlanta condos for sale right now

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To save cash, could you handle 400-something square feet, ATL?

Homebuyers on the hunt for bargain pricing in Atlanta these days are going to have to sacrifice something — and in many case, sheer space is the first amenity to jump ship.

That’s not to say flats in prime locations with price points near $100,000 aren’t out there. They just don’t offer much more than 400 square feet, which in space-hungry Atlanta is a number that can probably induce night sweats.

Analysts at NeighborhoodX crunched the data and found that asking prices for truly tiny condos can span from $85,000 on Marietta Street downtown to $145,000 on Collier Road. Spaces range between 412 and 543 square feet, with the two smallest for-sale units appearing in the same building right now.

Here’s a ranking of the three smallest condos on the Atlanta market at the moment, starting with the tiniest. All three were micro before micro was trendy:


960 Saint Charles Ave. NE APT 4

In a 1965 building on Charles Avenue in Virginia-Highland, this 412-square-foot condo is minuscule by Atlanta standards but not lacking in style. It’s marketed, perhaps smartly, as someone’s future pied-à-terre. The price was chopped last month down to $115,000:


331 3rd St. NE #3

In the leafy heart of Midtown, $94,900 buys a bedroom, bathroom, stacked washer/dryer and checkerboard kitchen flooring. It’s a relative sprawler with 435 square feet:


960 Saint Charles Ave. #9

Back on Saint Charles Avenue in Va-Hi, the Big Kahuna of this shortlist is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit offering 436 square feet and a generally clean aesthetic. Going rate is $119,000: