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Self-storage facility proposed for Peachtree Road

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A prominent site in Buckhead, once slated for an office building, could soon get a self-storage facility

A newly proposed self-storage facility on Peachtree Road in Buckhead is revealing the need for some sort of intervention — Atlanta: you have a serious hoarding problem.

The proposal, uncovered by BisNow, is the latest of a series of potential storage facilities cropping up in the most unlikely of intown locations. Located just north of Piedmont Hospital, the building would encompass more than 125,000 square feet across eight floors.

According to the developer, the building will be designed to look like a Class-A office building.

Located along the future northern portion of the Beltline, the .66-acre site was originally slated to house the second phase of a medical office building. But with changes in market demand, healthcare is out and junk storage is in.

No doubt the project will meet skepticism and likely community resistance, given the adjacency to the Beltline. However, if Memphis-based Storage Development Partners is able to appease the neighbors and get approval for the development, construction could begin early next year.