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In Cabbagetown, this perky new shotgun is targeting $419K

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Two-bedroom abode is deceptively brand-new

This Cabbagetown new-build mimics much of the neighborhood’s circa-1920 housing stock and brings to mind adjectives such as fresh, simple, airy, and adorable.

With its two bedrooms and 1,340 square feet, this modern-age shotgun is touted as "redefining Cabbagetown cool" on "one of the community’s most beloved streets" — and it appears to have consumed nearly every functional foot of the lot.

But such is the price when you’re squeezing a vaulted-ceiling living room, a full "master wing," and two and 12 bathrooms onto a tight slice of valuable C-town land.

It features stained glass (not pictured), a "chic powder room," designer lighting, a swell kitchen, and a price tag of $419,000.

It also happens to be the only for-sale single-family home (without contract) in Cabbagetown at the moment, which is par for the course in this inventory-starved nabe.